Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pay Your Mortgage & Debt in 1/2 the Time or Less

Yes, really.

We are benefiting hugely from U First Financial. We just bought this house a year ago, have tens of thousands in 'personal' debt (read here how most of that debt happened), and now have a rock solid plan to be debt free in 15 years.
If I plug in some numbers expected for next year, it goes down to under 7 years! Amazing.

No refinancing, debt consolidation or even any change to our lifestyle and current debt payments. Think it's too good to be true? Maybe you should read this.

How does it work?

  1. watch this video about the history of the company and this video about the solution they offer
  2. receive free financial coaching (email me for the who and how)
  3. receive free financial analysis. This analysis and it's guarantee are in     writing, are free, and will outline your new financial plan.
  4. Then it's up to you to take a step. Either the solution will work for you or it won't. It'll be crystal clear after your analysis whether this is for you.
When we're pleased with or believe in something, we tell our friends, family and everyone else about it. I'm telling you. We're pleased. We're impressed. We're excited. We have a plan that's working. I hope to share this happy news with others. Maybe you'll be pleased, satisfied and excited too.


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