Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pantry Fears ...

New to 'eating from my pantry' and cutting back my grocery budget, I can't help but think ... what do all of these pantry-pros do? What does their pantry look like? Their freezer? Is mine too full? To empty? Should I stock up or stock down?

Amidst these subconcious worries, I found that I'm not alone. My fellow bloggers have the same fears but offer encouragement. To briefly sum up some of Life As Mom's encouraging points,

  • We're not the same
  • You get to choose
    • you decide on your own budget, shopping schedule, meal plan, pantry appearance and style - full or empty
I was encouraged to hear that. Thanks, Life As Mom. Now I can move forward confident that I'm shaping this plan to my family, my budget, and my taste.

BTW - to those of my friends who made fun of me for suggesting 'soup files' (freezing soup in ziploc bags - flat - and then storing them like a file) ... well ... there are others (teehee) I love, love, love the picture of this woman's freezer. I see she has soup files. Yes! I want my freezer to look like that.

Aaaah. Order.  "Caint hardly wait" :)

1 comment:

  1. I think your soup files are great and your friends wouldn't laugh if they had a soup craving


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