Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Goals Update

Last time, I told you about our January goals for grocery spending, and couponing: 

The Goals: 

                                     1) Limit grocery spending to $400 and stay consistent. 
      2) Limit time spent on couponing
3) Meal plan from the freezer

How We're Doing:

1) Groceries

I know I only have a month and a half to go on here, but so far it's looking good. January was around $375, and by today (Feb 19) we're at about $150. 

2) Couponing
Umm... yeah. My first mistake was calling "limit time spent" a goal. That's not a goal. It needs to be specific and measurable. So, since I aimed at nothing specific, I guess I succeeded? I don't know if I'm spending less time or not. I think so, but there's no way to measure. 

I did implement the odd computer-free day (which changed my whole day and attitude...!) so no couponing happened there. And, I haven't taken a single picture this month of my deals. ... of course, I haven't blogged about it either so... I guess that's time saved. 

Okay, specific goal now:   To implement one entire computer-free day each week. I'll choose Tuesdays for now, and see how that goes. 

3) Meal Planning

This one has gone well, probably because it's been part of my regular routine and because we have a freezer full of food. 

I also created a list of our favorite foods, which cookbook I can find recipies in, and filled it with blank calendars to do my monthly planning. (Yay! I have energy to do monthly planning! Sometimes I can only do a week at a time before my eyes bug out and I become afraid of the commitment.) 

(I hope to offer my 30-Day Meal Planner for free soon... It's sure helped me alot!)

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