Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cooking Day and Why It's Awesome to do Together

Menu Planning? Great. 

Cooking day to make meals in advance? Even better. 

Cooking day with a friend? The BEST! 

My sis and I attempted our first Cooking Day together. 

We found it to be hugely beneficial. 

First, there's the yield:

 My take home:

3x Autumn Soup
3x Crm of Tomato Soup
1 dozen Tortillas
Power Cookies (Almond/Carrot)
Beef Patties
Oat Flour (not pictured)
Soups are laid flat and frozen so they stack easily in the freezer - like soup files!

Her take home:

3x Autumn Soup
3x Crm of Tomato Soup
1x diced tomatoes
1 dozen Tortillas
Power Cookies x2 (Almond/Carrot)
Granola (not pictured)

Other fun benefits of cooking together: 

  • She has air conditioning.  (That's a big deal in +32C)
  • Kids can play together
  • Motivation - I work much longer with someone else than on my own. (you?) 
  • Variety - We can taste multiple new recipies without committing to it. Yay. 
  • New Skills - We pick up new tips and tricks to take back to our own kitchens
  • Hanging Out.


  1. There is something wonderful about working alongside someone. I really enjoyed the process of collaborating in the kitchen. We shared ingredients and yields and recipes. We were able to talk and share while being productive. My favorite!

    Thanks for the wonderful day!

    Your sis

  2. Hi Kim,
    I like the 'soup files' idea. I might have to try that. Right now my method of saving soup is popping it, boiling hot, into jars and allowing the heat to seal them. That allows them to keep 2 or 3 weeks, which is all I can manage before getting sick of that kind of soup.

  3. Hi Geralyn.

    Smart to keep soup on hand. Fridge, freezer or canned. It's economical, quick and easy, and healthy! :)


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