Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saving or Hoarding?

Slowly, piles of wax paper, foil, newspaper and tissue paper are growing in my cupboards. I begin to wonder ... where's the line between frugal saving and hoarding? "People who do alot of crafts have stock" a friend offered. ... I suppose.

I must confess, deep down inside I'm afraid of becoming a hoarder - of having these piles take over. I've seen it. It's not pretty. Literal piles of stuff grow until there are only pathways in a room, and you can't see the ceiling anymore. Shelves quickly fill with so many 'on sale' products that there soon isn't room for dust! No ... I definately don't want to travel that road.

As is my style then, I've gone to the other extreme. Haven't used this item in the last month? Then get it out of this house!  ... Okay, I exaggerate. If it's not used annually though, it's out! No clutter please!!

And now I watch piles grow. I tread unsure waters here, afraid I may be lulled into a peaceful sense of 'good stewardship' while piles of earthly possessions (and 'junk' no less) grow around me.  **shudder**

Everytime it comes down to changing the way we think about something, we're first required to reject our previous way of thinking, aren't we? ... and that's where it's scary! If I reject my previous way of thinking, I must blindly leap to this new way of thinking. Man, I hope I'm right about this!

I'd love to hear from you about this - do you have any personal insight into the difference between saving and hoarding? Have any helpful links you'd like to share? We could all benefit.  Thanks!

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