Thursday, January 14, 2010

Full Price Fumble

Today's grocery trip was a bit of a fumble. This ...

and this ...

...together cost me $52.19. Everything here was full bore retail except for the Energizer batteries which happened to be $3 per package. (no thanks to any planning on my part)

I'm surprised at how disappointed I am that I paid full price for everything. I hope that's a good sign!

Of course, my forgetfulness didn't help today... I forgot to bring my coupons (found them too late at the check out), and I forgot to check the mail for grocery flyers before we shopped.  I also forgot to bring my grocery money! I ended up using the bank card instead. (oops)

(also, after I organized my messy disgrace of a pantry, I discovered I did have potatoes in there afterall! Grr. )

BUT ... tomorrow I hope to stock up on some nice sale items that we'll eventually need. (and by eventually, I mean in a week or two - I'm just starting stocking up, after all!)

Superstore has these items on sale - tomorrow's the last day.

NN Tomato Soup - case of 12       $4.98 limit 1(reg. $7.88)
Ziggy's Ham  (luncheon meat)       $0.89/100g (reg. $0.99-1.20)
NN Facial Tissue                            $0.68 ea, limit 4 (reg $0.78)
NN Macaroni + Cheese                  $0.48 ea, no limit (reg $0.68)
NN Instant noodles (case of 24)    $5.48 ($0.23 per pkg) (reg $0.40ea)
Photo Prints 4x6s                           $0.10 ea, min order 100 prints (reg $0.29)
Naval Oranges                                 $2.48/bag

Sounds good to me! Much better ;) ... just hope I remember to bring the grocery money!

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