Sunday, January 10, 2010

Grocery Day - Couponing In Canada?

The first grocery shopping day on our new budget was a success.

Last year's grocery budget = $250 biweekly
This year's new budget      = $150 biweekly

Just a note: our American friends seem to have a fantastic coupon system. I see the couponing pros frequently finding items for free, or for $0.09 with a coupon ... this kind of thing. I have found no such Canadian couponing. I think we have to do it differently here.

... and I found one way this week.

Extra Foods recently had their 'Dollar Days'.  (If you missed it, don't worry, they come around often.) Several great deals on things I'd planned to buy anyway-

Flaked Tuna   5/$4
Tampons        2/$7
Pork'n'Beans  5/$4
Tomato Soup 3/$1
Green Beans  5/$4
1L Apple Juice $0.80

They also happened to have their 10%, 12% or 15% off day on Mon and Tues.
Yes, please!

I moved my shopping day to Tuesday, bought the sale items AND the regular price items I planned to buy on Friday, and got 12% off of it all. Yay!

I got all this for $109, and have $41 left for milk, eggs, bread, etc.

I'm not only spending less on groceries, I've actually got $50 in the 'kitty' for ... well, whatever! I can take advantage of a grocery sale (like today), put it towards the sausage we buy from a local farmer ... apply it to the calf we hope to buy in spring ... whatever.

Granted, this is just the beginning. ...I'm going to miss sales, forget to budget certain items, toss aside diligence and buy chocolate that's not on the list. It's okay. BUT, I'm going to keep going until I get it. I'm serious about this, so I've got to get it :)

I'll keep you posted :)

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