Monday, January 18, 2010

Save Money Here - Canadian Money Savers

Couponing in Canada seems very different from our American friends whose deal finding can turn me green. (large packs of diapers for $5?! Baby shampoo for free?!) But, there are ways to save and pinch pennies up here too..

Here, Kris Abel (the tech guy for Canada AM), has laid out for us several great sites where we can find deals, freebies, and coupons. Choose your coupons, and they mail them to you! Here are the ones I got last week:

P+G Everyday Solutions- coupons - you choose 'em, they mail 'em.

Red Flag  - is a site I'm learning to use
                                      (which means I've spent time
                                      and saved no money so far ...)

I'm also learning about Swagbucks. Apparently, one can earn swagbucks to redeem online merchandise. This is another site I'm learning to use which means I've spent time and earned nothing. Seems like the earning deals are available to only US citizens ...

How about you? Where do you find deals?

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