Sunday, January 10, 2010

What We're Eating (2 week menu plan)

Okay, I'm ready to save mega bucks by using a menu plan. ... I think. I'm nervous about committing to a menu plan (what if I don't WANT chicken on Thursday??), but I think balance and flexibility must be part of a successful menu plan. (or part of a successful anything, for that matter)

So, here's what we're eating based on what I have in our pantry and freezer:

Week 1:

 Monday:        Lunch = sandwiches
                       Supper= meatloaf, potatoes, corn
Tuesday          Lunch = sandwiches
                       Supper = lasagne, salad, garlic bread
Wednesday    Lunch =  soup
                       Supper = steak, potatoes, corn
Thursday        Lunch = sandwiches + soup
                       Supper = chicken, potatoes, stuffing, corn
Friday            Lunch = macaroni + cheese
                       Supper = pizza
Saturday        Lunch = leftovers
                       Supper = beef stew
Sunday           Lunch = roast (beef, pork or deer...)
                       Supper = leftovers

Week 2

Monday          Lunch = sandwiches
                       Supper = Fried roast + potatoes
                                     Chkn Fettucinni Alfredo, Salad
Tuesday          Lunch = sandwiches
                        Supper = meatballs, gravy, mash potatoes, corn
Wednesday     Lunch = soup
                       Supper = Spaghetti, meatsauce
Thursday        Lunch = soup
                       Supper = tacos, salad
Friday             Lunch = macaroni +cheese
                       Supper = Chicken Pot Pie
Saturday          Lunch = soup + sandwiches
                        Supper = leftovers
Sunday            Lunch = roast, potatoes, carrots
                        Supper = leftovers

That's it. I love looking at other people's menu plans (especially when they have pics & recipes for what they're cooking). Maybe one day I'll have pics and recipes for you too :)

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  1. You have me inspired. Heaven knows I've tried to work a plan like this. I will do so again with your good ideas. I am now your loyal follower. If you have an extra minute some time, come to mine at I'd be honored to have you visit/comment/or follow. Happy New Year, Keri (a.k.a. Sam)


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