Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Steward of Time

I don't know if time is money, but it sure is precious and fleeting. So how can I best use the time I have?

Some major time-savers I've implemented are:

  • Meal planning
    • One hour every two weeks, and we're set. I know what needs to be on my shopping list, and what we'll be eating. Forget the daily stress of scrambling to make something, wondering what I have, and racing to the store for last minute ingredients. This saves me probably an hour every day.
  • Baking Day
    • We always have baked goods around - it's a must. So, I would often run out of things, bake whenever. Between meetings and events and outings, I was scrambling to find time and will to get baking done. I was even buying baked goods from the store. That's when I knew I needed a change. Now, once a week (usually a Fri or Sat), I bake about 3-4 different recipes. This lasts the week for potlucks, lunches, my turn to bring snacks somewhere, company over, desserts ... aahhh. No more scrambling. This saves both time and stress.
  • Household Chores on a schedule
    • Weekly chores are divided among the days of the week. Floors this day, washrooms that day, and so on. Then at least (ideally) these things get done weekly. Realistically though, I use it as a loose guideline. If I'm overwhelmed by the amount of housekeeping I need to do, I look at the list and do only what's on the list. Aaah. Peace of mind and, more often, a cleaner house than I had :)
Those are the bigger ones for me. They're all scheduling. Hmm. I guess I could have just said, "I save time by scheduling everything, goodbye". But that would be less helpful :)

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