Monday, March 29, 2010

The $90 Question

Constantly searching for financial corners to cut (while maintaining our same quality of life), I began looking for ways to reduce my phone and internet bill. What I found required no switching of internet providers. It required only that I know what to ask!

I looked online for the 'cheapest' internet providers and various deals, read reviews and got pretty much nowhere. Then I found MTS (my current provider) running a promotion.

I informed them that I was seeking a cheaper rate with their competitors, but would much rather stay with them. After all, I have received excellent service and experienced minimal down time. I requested the promotion, and they said yes. Yay!

My previous internet bill                $49.95
Promo (runs for 3 months)            $20.00
SAVINGS = 29.95 x 3 months = $89.85!
Plus ...
As she looked over my account, she realized I was being overbilled. My regular monthly bill should have been $39.95. (no, I didn't ask for a rebate - they're already being generous) So after the 3 month special, my regular bill will be $10 less every month.
Savings = $120 annually!

I'm pretty excited about the prospect of saving more than $200 on my internet bill this year. And all I had to do was a bit of research, and ask some questions.

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