Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Hits and Misses in the Grocery Aisles

Desperately clinging to my new budget has been exciting and rewarding – it’s a weekly (sometimes daily) challenge to meet it and when I do, the rewards are CASH. To date my ‘new budget’ rewards include a new computer, new printer, and being able to afford an unexpected deductible payment. *Phewf!* (Wipes nervous sweat from brow)

This week the sales began where my budget ends… or so it seemed.
This week’s grocery budget of $150 soared to $250. The good news is that I stocked up on some good deals. Pink 25% - 50% OFF stickers littered the aisles today. It was great! (I could go back and stock up on more, but … eeek. I’m so over budget right now!)


  • Hubby’s deodorant - HALF PRICE! Happened upon a fluke discontinued-sale price of $1.14 each - I bought the last 2 on the shelf 
  • Mac & Cheese -$0.47 each (reg $0.68) 
  • Tomato Soup - $0.33 each  
  • Broccoli -$1.00 / bunch 
  • Kleenex -$0.68 each (reg $0.78) 
  • Instant Noodles - Case of 24 for 5.68 (~ 0.23 each) 
  • Oasis Zoo Juice - FREE (coupon) (reg $1.47) 
  • Cauliflower - 50% OFF  
  • Bag Organic Apples - 50% OFF 
  • Tea Buns (1 dz) - 50% OFF 
  • Kids Toothpaste - $0.98 – (reg price about $2 – $2.50) 
  • Box Kleenex - FREE (checked my receipt, saw they over charged me, and got it free) 
  • Weiners - $1.00/dz … I’m not usually a fan of NoName wieners, (okay, I'm usually grossed out by the idea of them.) but for that price I’ll try them again. (They were pretty good!)   
  • $25 Gift Card FREE - Though way over budget, I did get a free $25 gift card. So … that makes me feel a bit better about it. 
  • Missed out on $1.00 Secret deodorant  
    •  Last day of the sale ... why I expected there would be any left, I don’t know. 
  • Bulk Smarties – Overpriced much?! What would fit into 1-2 boxes of smarties costs $2.74! Yikes. I think I’ll look for 4 packs of smarties for $2.50 next time, and get double the smarties for that price…  
Anywho, that’s my grocery adventure this week. Guess that’ll pause my money saving plans for the next 2 weeks …


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