Monday, April 19, 2010

Check Out These Canadian Sales - Shopping Hits

Made our biweekly run this morning...

As I trimmed our grocery list ... and added, and trimmed, I couldn't seem to get it down to the budget of $150. It was at $175 and then I found deals - some in the flyer, some not.

These were the 'deal' items:

Here they are:

Teddy's Choice Step-Ups (like Pullups) $8.24!!! ($9.24 plus a $1.00 off coupon, right on the shelf) - no limits!! (This is $12 on a good day, $14-$16 normally. I grabbed 5 packs - a dose of humble pie for the ages of my children, but that's a whole other story!)
NN Strawberry Jam $3.00 (usually $4.50 - $5.18) I grabbed 3 of those. - again, no limits! If I had the budget, I would buy 20 of these. It's that good a deal. Hmm... maybe I should anyway ...)
Neilson Butter 2.97
NN Pudding Packs $1.00 ea.
NN Weiners. (okay, they're chicken weiners ... but the kids don't know that)
Wildberry Juice $0.98 - usually $1.47
NN Mac+ Cheese - $0.50 each - grabbed 4
50% off buns - found 2 in the bakery discount bin
Old Mill Bread - 4/$5 - These have been as high as $1.97 in recent months. I like the decrease in price lately.
TC Wipes - 3packs were on sale for 3.64! Normally these are $5.99. I bought the big box though (not pictured) for $9.99 - still a deal. Usually $13.99
NN Kleenex $0.68 each
NN Bacon ~ $9.98 for a 3 pack. (usually 2.78/pk, but now individual packs were over $3, so the bulk pack was cheaper ..)
Neilson Yogurt - $1.79 - usually $2.18 - $2.50

... you can see how my bill climbed quite high all of the sudden. The upside though, is that jam and diapers will not be on my list for a month or more .. :) Hopefully that means I can keep my grocery bill under budget for the next couple of months, but that remains to be seen ...

Happy Shopping!

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