Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pantry Before and After - Who's Mess is THAT?!

Oh dear... I don't know WHO's mess that is, because it surely can't be MINE!?!?  ... Okay, I confess it is. Or, rather, it was.

This is the before shot of my nightmare pantry. Scary, isn't it?

Why am I showing you this? Good question. Because I feel better when I know other people struggle with the same things I do.

Basically, you're not perfect and I'm not perfect. Oh good! We have something in common! Yup .. that's why.

Plus, it's proof that I don't just talk about it, but am actually working toward some kind of organized existence :)

Okay - back to the pantry ... So that was before, and then I organized it.

Aaaah. Much better. 
This was several weeks ago and I already need to do it again ... but it's better ;)
These shelves are about 2-3 feet deep! I don't quite know what to do with that! Suggestions?
For now, I try to keep what I don't need often in the back. It's not bad until I  need an item in the back ...
then we embark on a 5 minute journey that ends with the pantry you saw in the first picture. EEEEEEK!



  1. Ooh, I know the feeling. So good to have it organized, and then I feel terrible to have it a mess 5 minutes later (although, I think I'm referring to anything in my kitchen). For deep cabinets, there are some real neat solutions at Ikea. I can't wait till it comes into our area!

  2. I've seen those fancy drawer pull out things for cupboards... Perhaps a frugal version might be an old cookie sheet, or something like that, on which the front and back item could sit. Then, just slide it out partway, lift out the back thing you need, and slide it back in. Might even work with cardboard, like a sodacan carton. Maybe it would help. Kerry D.


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