Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Cooking & Meal Planning Resources!

Just came across two new cooking / meal planning resources you may just love ..
Baffled by menu plans? Puzzled about what to make for supper? 
Ever wish someone would just tell you what to do so you could get on with doing it? -Here it is! 

The Working Woman's Cookbook is more than  just a cookbook  ... it offers ...
  • 12 Weeks of Menus - Each week has 6 recipes (we'll do the math for you) that's 72 recipes!!
  • Shopping Lists - with each ingredient referencing back to the recipe so it's easy to customize the list to the meals you want to prepare for the week.
  • Nutritional Information - so you know how healthy our recipes really are! 
  • Serving Suggestions - So you don't even have to think about what to serve with our recipes.
  • Vegetarian and Kosher Options

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