Monday, May 10, 2010

My Baking Mystery - Cinnamon Buns VS Pizza Buns

I love this recipe - I use it to make pizza buns or cinnamon buns.

I thought I'd send out a blogger SOS though - I'm confused about something. Check this out:

Why are they different sizes?!?

-Same pan
-Same dough
-Same amount of rolling
-Same rising time, temperature and location
the only thing different as far as I can tell, is the filling.
This time (because this happens every time) I rolled the cinnamon buns a bit looser than usual - it's all I could think of. It didn't work.

What's the deal?

Anyway, the pizza buns have a fantastic texture - it's like a bun or something! Imagine that. ... now to get my cinnamon buns to fall in line and act like 'a BUN'.

Here's the recipe:

2 pkg         yeast
1/3 cup      sugar
2 cup         warm water
1 tbst         salt
1/3 cup      vegetable oil
   2             eggs
6 1/2 cup    flour

Dissolve yeast and sugar in water. Add salt, 2 cups of flour and beat for 2 min. at high speed. Add eggs and oil and beat for 2 min. more. Add rest of flour with spoon. Let rest 20 min. Roll out and spread with filling. Bake 20 min at 325F.

1 comment:

  1. oooh... those look SOOOO good!
    The mystery is... I have no clue! There must be SOMETHING... perhaps sugar caramalizes, so it causes the buns to not rise as much? Yet, yeast eats sugar to make buns rise... so you'd think they'd be bigger? :P


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