Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to Make Lint Fire Starters - Just In Time For Camping!

You already know I collect lint, despite how insane it feels to do so. I posted here about 10 uses for dryer lint.
Here's what I did with mine - make fire starters.  ... and just in time for camping season! :)  This frugal tip uses up three throw-away items: dryer lint, egg cartons and old candles / wax.

How to make lint fire starters:

  1. Pack lint into paper egg carton. (not styrofoam). 
  2. Drip candle wax (or Paraffin Wax) over until saturated and completely covered. It looks like lava when you're done.
  3. To Use: rip off 1-4 pieces, light, and place in your fire place. The more 'starters' you use, the faster your fire should start. My friend (whose fingers are showcased in this lovely photo) uses 4 in her fire pit. 
Here's the finished, though unseparated, product. Not pretty, but it is free, frugal and apparently works well. I plan to use them in 2 weeks on our first camping trip of the year. 

I think I may separate mine ahead of time and store them that way. Last thing I imagine I'd want to do on a dreary camping morning is tear apart egg cartons with tired hands when all I want is a fire and a coffee. ... but maybe that's just me ;) 


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