Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Twice Owned - $7.75 for THAT?

Found some more great stuff. I actually paid them a little more than they asked because I felt like I was stealing. Plus, it went to a good cause so that always helps :)

I got all this for $7.75.  ... well, that's what they charged me. I rounded up and paid$10. Thank you Lord, for providing me with so much - way more than I need. May I manage it well and give generously to others as you give generously to me.

The dump truck we'll give to our church toy box - a great deal at $0.50! And "Green Eggs and Ham" will hide in the Christmas gift box for my kiddos. Merry Christmas!

And these are for me. Yay. I think they were also $0.50 for the set. One lid is a pain to fit on, but ... even so - 3 bowls with lids for $0.50 is great! 

And this Thomas movie will also go on the Christmas pile for my son. How appropriate- it's even a winter one. He'll be thrilled. 

The straightening iron is a treat for me. We'll see how well it works. For $1, one can't go terribly wrong... And the $0.25 puzzle will be a great activity we can do together while learning about Canada. (well ... in theory. I have yet to sit down and do it with them ...) 

There's also a brand new gift basket - you can see it in the first pic. My picture for some reason shows up sideways ... anyway, that's in the Christmas bin too - for that special grab box gift one often pays $15 for, I have it for $1. Sweet.  ... who knows? I  might use it as a blog giveaway. But shhh! Don't tell anyone I didn't pay full price! It's just between us, okay? 

How about you? What sweet deals did you find lately?

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