Sunday, March 7, 2010

Re-Use Dryer Lint? Oh Yes, I'm Serious!

I've been secretly feeling insane as I collect dryer lint in my little baggy. I keep stuffing it in there thinking 'surely this must be good for SOMEthing!' I dared not tell anyone, for they would surely have me committed ...

But today I found 10 great ways to put that lint to use (proof - I'm not alone and I'm not insane! Yay!)
  1. packing material
  2. spin it like wool, and knit or crochet with it
  3. nest building - leave chunks of lint in your yard and watch birds compete for their piece of prime nest building material
  4. being highly flammable, lint is a great fire-starter. Check out how I made them. Keep it in your woodbox as kindling.
  5. add to your compost pile
  6. make clay out of it:
    • 3 cups (packed) lint
    • 2 cups                water
    • 1 cup                  flour
      • Blend and cook on low heat until thick like meringue. Pour onto wax paper and cool. Clay creations take a few days to dry, then paint away!
  7. Kid's craft - use instead of cotton for clouds, snowmen, hair, fur, etc
  8. Stuff an old tube sock and use as a draft-stopper at the base of your door
  9. Homemade paper
    • Put lint in blender with shredded paper. Soak with water for 15 min, then blend on med. speed. Pour onto screen and shape paper. Press out excess water. Dry.
  10. Use as mulch to keep plants warm and moist in fall / winter
(I think I'm going to use my little bag-o-lint for fire starter on our camping trip. When I wake up on those chilly mornings, all alone, I'm the one that has to make a fire. Fire starter = good.)

So, if you've been secretly collecting lint too, you can breathe easy. You're not alone. It's okay to be frugal .. even with lint. And now you know what to do with your bag-o-lint. :)

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