Monday, July 5, 2010

50% Off Deals!

Today, July 5th 2010, Extra Foods (Steinbach, Manitoba) has a whole lot of 50% off stuff I thought you should know about! They've got shelves and shopping carts brimming with great deals!

What I took:

Soft Soap Refill              $ 1.60 (reg 3.19)
Exact Shave Gel             $1.44 ea. (reg 2.13-2.99)
Benylin                           $4.00 (reg 7.99)
Dimetapp (kids)             $3.20 (reg 6.39)
Colgate Whitening Gel    $0.85 ea. (reg 1.79)

I'm reminded of something I heard once - basically, that a person can go broke shopping for deals. Just because it's on sale doesn't mean I'm saving money. Actually, if the item I buy is only $10 (reg $20), but I wouldn't have bought it otherwise, I didn't 'save' $10 - I overspent $10. 

With that in mind, I stock up on things I know we'll use within the year. I figure a year because in that time I should be able to find similar sale prices and stock up again at those prices. Hopefully in the long run I won't be paying retail for most of our groceries. Wow. I can hardly imagine! 

But so far, I'm building up a 'stock-up price list' that helps me remember the lowest price I've paid for items we commonly use. Then I wait for those prices and stock up when it comes. 

I'm also building up a stockpile (I hate that word - sounds like hoarding) of groceries and toiletries that we'll use over the next year.  

My stock pile so far includes

Oil (3-6 month supply?)
Toothpaste (year supply)
Bar Soap (year supply)
Shaving Gel (6 month supply)
Body Wash (6 month supply)
Liquid Soap refill (4-6 month supply)
Deodorant for me (year supply)
Cheerios (demand varies around here ... at least 1 month supply, as much as 3 month supply)

Huh. It's kind of weird to list what I have and how long I expect it to last - looks like I'm ready to head to the bomb shelter or something...  Oh well. You know me better than that, right? I'm just trying to stretch my dollars as faaaaar as they'll go. Buying what I'll need ahead of time at a deep discount is good - even if I store it for awhile. 

Anyway - if you're around Steinbach tonight or tomorrow, check out their bins and shelves. They also had 50% off ...

Pampers baby wipes
Baby Mum-Mums
Toddler star cereal
Allergy blocker
Exact Allergy syrup
Fructus Garnier Shampoos
Colgate - various kinds
... I think I even saw meal replacement beverages.


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  1. Thanks for telling me about those deals! I love all the goodies I got for so cheap! And all stuff I need and use anyway! Whoop!!

    Oh, and Cheerios are on sale tomorrow at LW for $2/box. I'm planning on heading over there sometime this weekend for a box.


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