Monday, July 12, 2010

Cleaning Zone - Mondays

To climb out of the disheveled heap that had become my house, I determined cleaning zones. This way, I clean only one small area each day - not the whole house, and not with the expectation of perfection. One small piece every day, and the habit should (in theory) keep the house decent.

Disclaimer - I've been told numerous times that I'm seen as organized - that my home is always clean and presentable. To all of those who think that ... you are deceived. Bwa-aa-aaaaaah! Somehow, I must have tricked you with all my hiding-piles-of-papers-in-drawers-when-company-comes-over tricks, and stuffing-toys-into-closets-so-you-don't-see-it manouvers.

Now that you are pleasantly disillusioned, I'd like to show you my newest plan of attack to maintain this house. Who knows? It might even work!   Well, it's actually been working fairly well for about 2-3 weeks.

Anyway .. enough introduction. Here's what the basic Monday plan is:

Monday = Office Day

  • file papers
  • sort and file mail
  • pay bills
  • organize drawers
  • empty garbage
  • vaccuum
  • dust / wipe desk and electronics
  • spot wipe or dust walls and doors
I get to whatever I can in about 2 interrupted hours, (or less depending on motivation) and leave the rest. That's it for house cleaning on Mondays. The normal list (below) doesn't include cleaning - just daily operations stuff:
  • make lunch & supper
  • dishes
  • laundry
  • bathe children
  • tidy all rooms
  • return phone calls
  • emtpy garbages as needed
With this kind of task list, I'm able to maintain a clean and organized house (in theory), while not dedicating the whole of my life to it. Ahhh. It's so nice. There was one day I even picked up and left for the day - spur of the moment - and I was free to do it because my meal was in the slow cooker, house was clean and caught up. Aaahhh. Freedom! 


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