Monday, July 12, 2010

In the Zone - Cleaning Zone, That Is...

Okay, I confess, I was too embarrassed to take before pictures. I'm sorry. I'll take before pics next time. No really! What's that? you'll believe it when  you see it? *sigh* Okay, fair enough...

So, my house was taking over my life - it had become this looming mess monster that I couldn't capture. Turns out expectations were my downfall. But I finally won the day!  ... well, okay, I'm only on day 5, but still! It's success, right?

I'm telling you -every piece of laundry, every cup and pot, every counter stacked with papers, dishes and crumbs ... garbages overflowing, and I don't know how we don't stick to the floor around here.

Anyway, my brilliant, organizing sister (who's reading this right now and rolling her eyes), came up with 'zones'. ... although I hear FlyLady does this too.)

Basically I divided the house (on paper only), into zones.

Monday      = Office
Tuesday      =  Pantry, Entrance and Breezeway
Wednesday = Bedrooms
Thursday     = Kitchen
Friday         = Washrooms
Saturday     = Living room and Dining room
Sunday       = put up feet, have coffee, read other people's blogs :)

Then I wrote down what I wanted done in each room, and that's it.

It was great! I cleaned my office and ignored the messy bedrooms and sticky floors. It didn't overwhelm me to know I wouldn't get to it because their turn was coming. Ahh. Peace of mind.

Now my house has gone through nearly one full week cycle, and it looking great. It's also easy to keep up!

Now I'm FREE! FREE I tell you! Yesterday I picked up and left for the day, spur of the moment, and it didn't  matter! My house was clean when I left. I didn't have to worry about all the things I wasn't getting to. It was done.


Thanks, Char! :D

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