Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cleaning Zone - Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday in this magical sometimes-I-get-to-it cleaning zone schedule.

So, in this ideal world, on Wednesdays this is what it would look like:

Wednesday = Bedrooms
You may ask, "What?? You clean the children's bedrooms?? How will they ever learn discipline, dedication and responsibility?"  The short answer is I don't know. I help them with their rooms (which means I do most of it), and one day perhaps by pure osmosis, they will absorb good habits and behavior.  

So. Here's the list :)

  • bedding 
  • vaccuum
  • sort / organize / exchange toys as needed
  • sort / organize / exchange clothes as needed
  • clean windows
  • spot-wipe walls, doors, knobs
  • dust
  • put away folded laundry

As I  mentioned on the Monday post, I get to whatever I can in about 2 interrupted hours, (or less depending on motivation) and leave the rest. That's it for house cleaning on Wednesdays. The normal list (below) doesn't include cleaning - just daily operations stuff:
  • make lunch & supper
  • dishes
  • laundry
  • bathe children
  • tidy all rooms
  • return phone calls
  • emtpy garbages as needed

How do you systemize your house maintenance? Do you find (like me) that a system is necessary, but finding the right one for you can mean trying about a hundred different times or systems? 


  1. I love having a system. Especially in the evenings. Then when I wake in the mornings my house is in order (mostly, for about 5 minutes, haha) and I don't feel as stressed out. Did I mention I am NOT a morning person?

    I like that you say you get to what you can according to your motivation. I find my motivation wanes as the week progresses. Perhaps that is why I do weekly lists vs daily ones... I can get a lot done in the beginning of the week and not have as much to do later.

  2. I'm learning that there's no 'arriving' - no system or chart or schedule or meal plan will indicate I have made it and acheived success. These are just things I do while I'm here doing other more important things - like raising children, being a friend, etc.


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