Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cleaning Zone - Thursday

Thursday = Kitchen

Today I feel truly ridiculous even posting about a cleaning zone, because I have not been 'in the zone' for weeks. (Plus it's not even Thursday!) However. I do intend to get back into this groove - which worked excellently, by the way.  ... why do we have such a hard time starting good habits anyway? Eat well, exercise, use moderation. Self discipline - is it so hard? Apparently so. 

Oh well. I will eventually get back into the habit. When I do, this is what Thursday will look like:  

  • clean fridge (might mean empty and wipe all shelves ... might just mean get rid of old food ... depends on the day)
  • clean oven (that happened one time...)
  • organize freezer (that felt gooooood. ...Of course I  need to do it again soon...)
  • wash cupboard doors
  • light fixtures 
  • wash counters corner to corner
  • clean microwave
  • tidy / organize cupboards
  • sweep & mop
  • garbages
  • wipe under-sink cupboard
  • wipe front of all appliances
  • replace dishcloths and towels if needed.

There it is.


    1. Hooray for cleaning and organizing!! I love the feeling too and I'm loving the feel of my home lately! Feel free to link up on Fridays on my Keeping the Home link up if you get a chance. I'm sure others would benefit from reading about your experiences! :)

    2. Thanks, Frugal Mama! I think I'm on my way back into the groove... :)


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