Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cleaning Zone - Before and After

Okay, so this time I'm including before pics :)

I told you how I divided the house into zones, and here's the bathroom zone ... before.

These vanity drawers sit in continuous disarray. Sometimes I wonder how I even find my make up in the morning. ... of course, sometimes I can't, but anyway ...

So this is the before...

And this is the after.  Huh. You know, some things just don't translate well through photos. It's really alot better than it was, and it's even better than this picture illustrates. Oh well. It's organized, I'm happy :)

This whole cleaning zone thing is pretty great so far.

Week 1 - I focused on basic cleaning in each assigned room, and didn't think about the sticky floors and dirty messes in the other rooms. I was free to do the task for each day and no more.

Week 2 - my house was clean! Wow. That was cool. I was all caught up, so I organized instead of cleaning.  ... hence, the organizational befores and afters you're seeing.

Week 3 - oops. I guess house cleaning gets a turn again...

Next, check out  my freezer. It was pretty scary ...

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