Saturday, July 3, 2010

Out of Debt and Into Cash

Like most of you, we're in debt. Personal debt, credit cards, mortgages, loan, etc etc. Our plan is to get out of debt - ALL debt, and then have a brand new way of existing - on CASH.  ... did I just hear you shudder?

The borrower really IS slave to the lender. Our finances and thoughts can, at times, be tied up in what we owe and what we don't have. I'm sure not up for a lifetime of that! 

I'm excited to be on our way out of debt. One of the 'extreme' ways this is likely to happen will be to  ... *gulp* ... get rid of credit cards. Not just stop using them, but get RID of them.  Wait! Don't roll your eyes and run away! Check out this post from Life as Mom called "How to Live Without Credit Cards". She takes a brave stand in a 'now' culture. You go girl!  ... and I will too :) 

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