Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kids To Do List

"I'm booored" my 4 year old whines. 

Bored? How is a kid with a sibling and a house full of toys and books bored? I don't know.

A friend suggested he needs a sense of control or purpose, so I made this list. (much like hers) These 5 things should (in theory) be done before anything else in the day. They get to know what to expect and work towards a goal; something I want for myself each day too.   

   1. use washroom
   2. dress
   3. breakfast
   4. brush teeth
   5. tidy toys

Once the 5 things are done, they can each choose a 'Fun Card' - something that we can do together. (there are more cards than pictured below) 

As with many systems and tools, it worked fantastically for two or three days. Today my son is working on his 5 things again (because I need undistracted time to tell you about this).  ... and it's working!

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