Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Primitive Signs for Newbies

My craft attempts in no way rival preschoolers' creations. Not at all.

[Remember the basket? Or the lam-o cardboard / aluminum foil Christmas tree star?]

But, after finding a Primitive Sign Tutorial , I decided to give it a go.
...How hard could it be? (the pros always make it look so easy...)

And it worked!

Oooooh..... it may just be possible that I will learn how to craft.

...And like it even!

This free softwood was acquired from a pallet.
I even wielded a circular saw all by myself! I felt pretty manly...  (and terrified. But I'm still intact, so all is well.)

Anyway, whatever your crafting skill level (preschool or otherwise), you may enjoy this tutorial too. Detailed, down to earth, and hey - if I can do it...


  1. Those look fantastic! I would say they are more old world or rustic than primitive :)

    Looking forward to more craft tutorials in the future :)


  2. Thanks, kd :)

    I think you're right Char; rustic. Thanks :)


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