Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Spring Harvest ... In Manitoba

Yes, I'm harvesting a few things off of our 2 acres already. I feel like such a little homesteader... 

Maple Syrup. Oh yes. We tapped 5 of our 16 Maple trees. It wasn't a great year for mass production, but fantastic for first timers to practice! Our 3 gallons of sap turned into about 2 cups of delicious Maple Syrup. (I can't believe it comes from trees...) Mmmmm.

I collected 140 of these woody bouquet accents. Funny... I almost bought something like this last year. No need! It grows in our field for free! 

Pussy Willows. Another bouquet accent. 

Lilac bushes. Dug 'em up by the roots, and planted along property edges. Also potted some. 

Who knows? Maybe it will sell at the Farmer's Markets this summer.

Other items I hope will grace our Farmer's Market table:
Tomato plants, Parsnips, Peas, Beans, Flowers, Towering Poplar trees, Maple saplings... 

We shall see. I've not been a green thumb in years past, but spring always makes me think I could be one... 


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