Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kitchen Tips From The Cookery

My friend, cook and hostess extraordinaire, brims with tips and tricks.

At one of her monthly 'community cooking nights', ladies 'oohed' and 'aaahed' - we all learned some tricks that night.  Here are a few:

For a Cleaner Coffee Maker: 

                 Double up on the Filters.
                 Top your grinds with a filter to prevent splashing up. Brilliant.

For Added Taste:

                 Save the water from boiling veggies. Use that broth instead of water in soup, casseroles, etc.                        
Pretty Up That Dish:

                 Enhance the look of your dish by slicing veggies on the diagonal, or in long strips...      
                 Variety - of shape and color - is the key to aesthetics in cooking.

The Knife Matters:

                  I use two knives; paring knife, and steak knife. They can do everything.
                  Or so I thought. "Umm... no." She said, and handed me a serious chopping knife.
                  It slid ever so smoothly through each carrot, sliced effortlessly through each potato.
                  "Whoa!! This is WAY easier!"
                  She smiled. "I know!"
                  Choosing the right knife for the job matters.

What are some kitchen tips you're glad to have discovered?


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