Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Growing Up My Day...

We're entering a new dimension around here...  my preschoolers have grown. Their needs for more structure, guidance and consistency means I've got to bring more of myself to each day. Initially I was completely overwhelmed (you know, 'cuz there IS no 'more' to bring...), but confidence is rising again as I remember that I don't have to expect them to be model citizens, bright scholars and heroes by next Thursday. We're ALL learning, and that's okay.
So. I'll tackle ONE area in which I need to 'bring more', and that is scheduling. I despise and fear schedules - partly because I have perceived them as merciless taskmasters, ceaselessly making demands on my life. Time to grow that up too. The truth is, a schedule sets me free. When I have and use a schedule, all my tasks get done every day, and there is somehow extra time too.  ... floating around without the 'time dictator' though, leaves me flitting from one half-finished task to the next, accomplishing little.

It's okay, no guilt trips allowed... It's a new day. Let's grow this thing up. 

So, here's my new schedule!!  "I pledge allegience..." oh wait.  Pardon me, I just need to put down my concrete tablet and chisel. Ah, that's better. 

Anyway, here's the work-in-progress schedule I'll use for now:

       Time            Mon           Tues          Wed          Thurs           Fri            Sat       Sun               
8:00-930             ---------------- Coffee, Bible read, plan day, kids' breakfast ------- 
9:30-10:30          --------------  Dishes, Garbage, Tidy All, Kids' 5 things ------------     CFC    
10:30-11:00         --------------   Clean Zone (Kids: help, free play) --------------------      
11:00-11:30         --------------      Piano Practice, Kids free play        ----------------     
11:30-12:30         --------------------   Lunch, Dishes, Phonecalls -----------------------      
12:30-1:30          -------------------------------  Workout -----------------------------------              
1:30-3:00            -------------------------------   School     ---------------------------------      
3:00-5:00            ----------------------   Kids' chores, Me = writing     ------------------      
5:00-7:00            ------------------  Make and serve supper, clean up    ----------------     
7:00-8:00            ------------------   Kids: tidy rooms, clean up all toys    --------------                          
                          ------------------            baths                                     ---------------------------
                         -------------------            free play                                  -------------
                          ------------------   Me: evening tidy, down time             --------------

There. Let's try that :)


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