Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting Used To the Bump On My Head....

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Hills, a yo-yo and me; what do we have in common? (yes, I'm fully aware of how lame and cheesy this riddle is....) Give up?  -Each endures endless up and down, continued back and forth ... 


I'm okay with it. I get it. It's just how I work. It's how new behaviors become habit or lifestyle.

In learning to buy less, becoming an organized housekeeper, eating healthy and developing a lifestyle of exercise, you've seen me fall off each of these wagons ... 

At last I see that, over time, the many times I start and stop, try, fail and try again ... are slowly yielding change. Over time, I'm buying less, eating better and making wiser financial choices. Not perfect, but better. 

So, this time the decision to develop a lifestyle of exercise (which is totally and completely foreign to me by the way...) is followed by an unsurprising parade of starts and stops. Rather than worry, I accept this as simply my way of working - my methodical madness that eventually achieves results.  ... unless, of course, I get wrapped up in the guilt of these hiccups.... 


So, here's to self-acceptance,
to progress, however stuttery, 
and to a lifestyle of exercise, healthy eating and all those other things
which are more of a journey
than a destination.

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