Saturday, July 21, 2012

Feeding Four on $50 - Week One

Our $50/week grocery budget challenge might have been easier had we begun with a freezer full of food.
We didn't.
A stock pile of groceries would have been nice too.
We don't have much of that either.
I have a bit of a coupon collection, and know prices. That's my only advantage here.
We'll soon find out how good an advantage...

This Week's Menu Plan:


-Oatmeal and toast x1-2
-Bacon and eggs, toast
-Cereal, milk, toast x2
-possibly some biscuits and strawberry sauce x1


-Rotini, Meatballs, Steamed carrots and fresh garden lettuce
- Black Bean Soup and buns
- leftovers x2
- picnic sandwiches (pb& homemade jam on wh. wh. bread)


-Tuna and Pasta
-Pasta Carbonara
-Meatless Chili
-Breaded Fish, Baked potato, Green Beans and Carrots


- yogurt
- apples and peanut butter
- crackers and peanut butter
- mixed nuts
- granola bars (homemade)

This Week's $50

4 L Milk              
4 L Milk x2 - 50% off
Friskies Cat Food
Can Black Beans x2
Bag Dry Kidney Beans
Bulger and Quinoa - 50% off
Country Harvest Bread x2  -50% off
Ditalliano Wh. Wh. Bread x 4 - 50% off
2 Dz Eggs
Store Brand Night Time Pullups

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