Friday, July 27, 2012

Week 2 of 'Feeding Four on $50' - The Shopping Trip

Next week is week 2 of the challenge, so I shopped today.
Here's how we did:  (and it's mostly healthy too...) 

Pepsi x2 (the health exception)   $1.67 
Black Diamond Cheese              $6.97
Dentyne Gum                            $2.98
Fair Trade African Coffee          $8.99
Red Peppers                             $1.98
Salt                                           $1.07
Cod Fillets                                $5.98 
Oranges                                    $3.88
Bacon x2                                  $2.44
Peas                                         $2.18
Bulk Raisins                             $2.51
Tuna x2                                    $0.87
Colgate Optic White                 $0.88
Mixed Veggies x2                     $1.24ea (50%off)
V8 Fusion x2                            Free
Liberty Greek Yogurt                Free
Stayfree                                    Free

Total = $56.74  

... the cashier commented that I had some good coupons. Yes, yes I do. Free pads and yogurt and juice?? Yes please!

Oh - and let's not forget to add the e
xtra unexpected stuff... 

Ground Beef which I forgot to factor in... $7 
Boxed Pizza for an emergency management kind of day... $5 

Total spent: $ 68.74 

Meal plan to follow... 



  1. Where do you get 'free' coupons!!!

  2. All over...

    A while back, Kelloggs had the 'Share Your Breakfast' promo - each box of cereal contained a free breakfast item (your choice). That's where I got the V8 Fusion and a bunch of yogurt.

    The stayfree was a $2 cpn applied to a sale of $1.97 (That's the trick - using coupons on a sale...)

    And the Liberte was part of a facebook promo (there are others) where, if you like their page, they give you a free product sample.


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