Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week 2 Meal Plan, And The Unexpected

On Week 2 of the Feed 4 on $50 Challenge, we have had a few bumps... 

My father-in-law passed away at the end of last week. If trouble brings out the 'real you', then this family is one of true faith and joy. It's been an honor to see them all peaceful. And yes, joyful. Thankful. Even as he lay dying on a hospital bed, there was gratitude.
-For our Creator who is in control and knows what's happening.
-For having made us a family.
-For being able to be here together. (He could be alone on an operating table for this, but we get to share his passing.)
-For pain meds and hospital staff.
-And most of all, for the hope of heaven. That one who trusts Jesus never dies, but will enter heaven. 

I'm thankful to have shared these moments with family last week.

As for menu planning and grocery shopping... 

Driving an hour each day (to be with family) translated to alot of extra driving and threw the meal plan out the window. Also, we added about $20 of groceries. Some to share, but  mostly it was two factors.

1) I've been trying to get by with less meat around here. (store bought meat is pricey, and our chickens aren't ready yet)  Hubby was desperately missing beef, so we gave in. 

2) I forgot to include a vital household staple in last week's shopping list, so we bought toilet paper. 

So, I'll try to limit next week's grocery bill to $40 to compensate. 

This Week's Meal Plan:

B: oatmeal and toast
L: pasta/meatsauce, garlic bread.   Thrown out window.
S: faspa

B: bacon & eggs /  cereal 
L: leftovers
S: Breaded cod, baked potato, peas & carrots. 

B: Biscuits / fruit (strawberries, apples, oranges)
L: sandwiches
S: Holubshi (meatballs & cabbage in tomato sauce), potatoes, carrots

B: oatmeal & toast
L: Somma Borscht (potato & ham soup), bread
S: Rotini Alfredo, Carrot & Lentil patties

B: bacon & eggs / cereal
L: leftovers
S: Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

B: pancakes, bacon, strawberry sauce
L: perogies, bacon, corn
S: Fish/Quinoa balls, Green Beans Almondine 

B: cereal
L: chili on toast 
S: potato skins, pizza buns

Optional Extra Recipes:

-Tuna & pasta (Yummo)
-Lasagne (using macaroni though)
-Quinoa & Veggie stirfry


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