Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shopping Trip for Week 2 of the "Feeding 4 on $50 Challenge"

Last week's over-spending leaves me trying to stretch $40 as far as I can. (really should be $30 to make it even, but... yeah right.)

So. Here's what $40 will buy this week: 


Milk                                                    $4.69
V8 Fusion                                          FREE
Peanut Butter 2kg                                $8.98
Yeast (and lots of it)                            $8.98
Grapes (50% off)                                $1.63
Organic Apples (50% off)                   $2.99
Butter                                                 $2.97

(Not Pictured)

Country Harvest Flax Bread x3           $1.25 ea. (all at 50% off)
Country Harvest Flax Bread                FREE (they scanned too high, so policy dictates it's then free)
Eggs (2 dz)                                        $2.00 ea

Total spent:  $34.26

... leaves a bit of room for whatever. Meat or milk maybe. (though the meal plan should work with what we already have...) Or maybe I'll find a fabulous grocery deal on which to spend that extra five dollars...

I'm sure feeling the squeeze...

Some corner cutting includes:

-Saving milk and juice for meal times only.
-Baking buns for sandwiches this week (using bread for toast in the mornings)
-one benefit of having a family funeral is that the fridge fills with cold cuts. That covers sandwiches for this week and next...
-Choosing to snack on popcorn instead of chips or crackers.
-Choosing water instead of coffee or pop.

All healthy choices. (Minus the cold cuts...)

Hope the oatmeal holds out until next week...



  1. I save a ton of money by buying eggs from the farm. I usually pay 2.50 for 2 1/2 dozen grade B, If money is tighter and I know that I will be using them quickly, I get 2 1/2 dozen cracks for 1.25!
    This way we can go through a dozen eggs for breakfast and it doesn't hurt the wallet as much!!

    1. That's a sweet deal!! I thought $2 was okay, but your deal is WAY better! I shall begin shopping around... ;)


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