Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Week 4 - Meal Plan and Shopping List

$38 got us all this. 

Bacon $1.99 ea
Wheat Thins $0.50 
        [50% off of $2 minus $0.50 cpn)
Palmolive Ultra $0.99 (cpn)
Life Brand 12pk pop = $1.99
Danone Yogurt = free (fpc)
Wet Ones = free 
Teddy's Sleep Overs = free (SCOP)
V8 Juice = free (fpc)
Is it possible to eat healthy on $50/week? 

So far it seems to be... (and the $50 includes toiletries and cat/dog food btw)
Week 1:  $50
Week 2: $68.74
Week 3: $34.26
(Oh. I just realized I titled two posts, 'week 2'...)
And this week, we're on track to spend $50.

And our meal plans are fairly healthy.
And no, we're not eating out or at other people's homes all the time to make this work.
Apparently planning really does make a huge difference! (I'm amazed this is working... it doesn't feel like it's been a month already!)

Still To Buy: 

4L Milk (we'll try, but this probably won't last the whole week) (~$5)
2 dz eggs (~$2) (Thanks to a helpful reader, eggs will be cheaper around here now. Thanks Andrea!!)
bag carrots (~$1)
Fair Trade Sugar (~$4-5) 
                                            Other Free Food: 

We'll get loads of apples in exchange for some zuccinni. May make applesauce, juice, pie, jam...
who knows :)
Garden Veggies:
The beets are ready, potatoes are close. And we could potentially have carrots from the garden too.
I'm on the hunt for grapes to pick too...

As for cooking... 

I've been trying to cook with less meat in recent months. Mostly because of the health risks associated with a meaty diet, and also because sometimes meat just grosses me out. At one point we had a young male guest in our home who, over a lunch of sausage, worded it the best.

"Hey Kim - did you know we eat pig guts?"


Shuddering aside...

Some people are missing meat  around here, (apparently fish doesn't count) so the meal plan is a little more like what we used to eat. Meat and dough and sauce.

B: Pancakes, bacon, strawberries
L: Pasta & Meatballs in tomato sauce (note no veggies)
S: Pizza (meat and dough and sauce...)

B: bacon/eggs, cereal
Photo Courtesy of www.foodphotosite.com 
L: Mac & Cheese, spicy hotdogs (kids), Toasted Tuna Sandwich (me)
S: Perogies, Bacon, Corn

B: Oatmeal
L: Sandwiches
S: Tacos

B: bacon/eggs, cereal
L: Black Bean Taco Salad
S: BBQ Burgers, Fries, Mix Veggies

B: Oatmeal
L: Somma Borscht (potato soup), buns
S: Tuna & Pasta

B: Pancakes, bacon
L: Pasta Carbonara
S: BBQ Sausage, Stuffed Potatoes, Mix Veggies

B: bacon/eggs, cereal
L: Chili on toast
S: leftovers


  1. I'd love the $50/week challenge. I would think it'd be easy enough, but with the amount of fruits and veggies we go through... yeah. We probably spend that on fruits and veggies alone. :( Especially if my husband picks up groceries. He goes over every time.

  2. For now we can get fresh produce from the garden or by trading.
    We don't have much in the freezer right now, but what is there is fruits and veggies. Strawberries, pumpkin from last year, and a few packs of mixed veggies I got for $0.99 a while back. (and I still have coupons for the next sale..) ;)

    I'd read about your journey too if you'd blog about it! :)


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