Monday, August 13, 2012

What 'No Stockpile' Means To Me...

Just to clarify...

When I began the Feeding 4 on $50 Challenge, I said I'm not beginning with a huge stockpile.
I feel the need to clarify...

'No stockpile' to me, means having a very small one, where there are one or two food items that I have multiples of. This is kind of what I started with. One each of ketchup, taco kit, Red River Cereal. Two each syrup, ketchup, jam. Not much.

And, there are still some boxes of cereal left from a big sale awhile back, and popcorn kernels had just been filled. The empty jar used to have croutons in it, and the potato bin has 4 potatoes in it...

For toiletries I guess we're pretty well set up. Shouldn't need to buy feminine products, soaps/bodywashes or shave gels for a good while... (or resolve, or kleenex, or even shampoo)
As a fun side note, wanna know what I paid for some of this?  

Resolve = $0.24 ea
Scrubbing Bubbles = FREE with purchase of Fantastik 
Shave Gels = $0.99 to FREE
Kids' multivitamins = ~$1
Stayfree = $0.99 - FREE
Ivory Body Washes ~$1 if I remember right
Facial Tissues $0.69
Tampax $7.49
Palmolive Dish Soap $0.99

But basically, for food, there is no stockpile to speak of. I mean, look in my freezer!!

(Fun side note: Bread = $1.25 ea, Frzn Veggies = $0.99 ea, Cottage Cheese = $1.50 ea. )

Some things in our favor:
1) We have 2 pigs (got for free) - We hope to keep one and sell the other, covering feed costs. Voila, a whole lot of meat ($200-300 value) for FREE!!
2) We have 100 Chickens. (paid retail for those) We hope to keep 20 or so for ourselves, and sell the others which, again, should result in a freezer full of FREE chicken meat.

Doncha just love free??

Also, we have a garden.

Corn, Eggplant, onions, carrots...
5 rows potatoes, about 50 tomato plants and about 25 pepper plants, and a patch of black beans...
That will all help :)

Oh - there is one stockpile I haven't mentioned...

COUPONS!!  Those will really help too :)


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