Monday, August 13, 2012

Running Out of Stuff Before Shopping Day...

Just incase you start thinking I’ve got it all together, or everything runs smoothly on this Feeding 4 on $50 Challenge… 

I don’t.

We run out of stuff.

Today, I’m on the last ¼ cup of sugar, (would have lasted longer if I hadn't canned beets...)
And what's left needs to last two more days. 
This is gonna be rough…

Thankfully, I still have some 6 year old ‘Equal’ in the cupboard, (yes, SIX years old...) so I’m sweetening my coffee with that. It’s not bad actually! (Beats having no coffee at all…!) I'm not seeing spots or passing out or anything, so it'll probably be fine...

And we’re also out of bread. Which means I need to bake buns to get us through. … and I’m pretty sure the recipe calls for sugar. It won’t have any sugar in it. Maybe a spot of syrup, or nothing at all... Ooh! Or Equal!

We’re also on our last 4 cups of milk. I can pick that up (and discount bread) tomorrow evg, but we’re not having cereal for both breakfast and night snack (like we usually do) until I go shopping. So we’re stuck limiting milk for two days. Nobody’s favorite thing, but we’ll do it.

We're also on the last of our dog food, tomato sauce, and have no canned soups whatsoever. (which is why I used the mushrooms pictured below to make cream of mushroom soup)

Tomorrow night and the following day I’ll be able to make a grocery run. We spent $20 of our budget already (pictured here), so $30 is what’s left. 

Oops... I didn't HAVE to buy cereal and mushrooms.
Unable to resist the deal though, I now have less to work with.
Fair Trade Cofee = $6.99 (reg 15.99) - $1 coupon = $5.99
Yogurt = Free, V8 Fusion = Free
Rice Krispies = $3.48each - $3 wub2 = $7 for all.

Here’s this week's $30 shopping list:

Milk x 2                      $9.00
Fair Trade Sugar         $5.00
Cheese                        $5.00 (going to cheese factory for ends)
Bread                          $2.00 (~2 loaves discount bread)
Fish                             $5.00 (hopefully they’re on sale for $3-4 though…)
Margarine                   $1.99 (we use butter, but this will have to do this week. It’s Becel Proactive… a healthier choice I hope? I’m no margarine connoisseur)
Sour Cream                 $0.29 ($2.29-$2 coupon)
Yogurt                         $FREE
Eggs                            $2.00 (Will get me 1-2.5 dozen depending on where I go)
Bacon                          $3.00 (whatever’s on sale)
Dog Food                   $ 7.00 (whatever that amount will buy...)

Total:                         $40.28.  We're over budget by $10, so I'll try to compensate next week.

I was really hoping to squeeze some liquor onto the list sometime in the next decade...
Not this week I guess... 

As for the Meal Plan:

B:        Buns & jam
L:        leftovers
S:         Stuffed Peppers w/ Quinoa and Baked Beets & Potatoes

B:        Toasted Buns & Jam, Bacon/ Eggs
L:        Leftovers or Mac&Cheese and apple slices w/ peanut butter

S:        Pasta Carbonara (with meatballs), and 
           Fried Mushrooms/Onions

B:        Bacon & Eggs / Cereal
L:        PB&J  or Salami Sandwiches, raw 
           carrots, apple slices w/ peanut butter
S:        Mini pizzas on Pitas

B:        Oatmeal, toasted buns
L:        leftovers
S:        Breaded Fish, Rice&Veggie Stirfry

B:        Bacon & Eggs / Cereal
L:        Mac & Cheese for kids, Leftover stirfry for me.
S:        Rotini Alfredo with Carrot/Lentil Patties

B:        Oatmeal, toasted buns
L:        Chili on buns
S:         Tacos or Taco Salad

B:        Pancakes, bacon
L:        Eating out. It’s been awhile!
S:         leftovers


  1. I love that you are doing this. I'm trying to cut back with our groceries and it is so hard. Even meal planning is hard now, and I've been doing it for over 6 months to a year. I really should bake some buns... OH! They're having a sale on flour right now at Superstore, in case you needed any.

    1. You've been meal planning for a year, or cutting back on groceries for a year?


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