Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How We Really Did. (There's the Plan... and There's Reality)

So here we are on week 5 of the Feeding 4 on $50 Challenge. 

Yesterday I posted about how overspending the previous week leaves us $30 for this week. Then I ended up shopping one day early. (Good thing, 'cuz the milk was gone this morning.) :)

Enter another week of overspending. :/ 

Bread 50% off = 1.59 ea                                              ,                        
Snap Peas = $0.99 (should have been free because it      .  .
over-scanned at the till) Also, I used a coupon which they didn't apply... 
waste of a good coupon...)                                                          .
Strawberries - free (coupon from cereal box)                               .
Pedigree $6.83-$3.00cpn.                                                          .
Highliner $5.97 - $0.75 coupon                                                  .

Note: I didn't NEED to buy the peas and tuna.                           .
They weren't on the list. We also could have done without the bread,
and the third bag of dogfood. 
Man. Saying no to myself is hard!     .

These groceries were $39.27

And, I still need to purchase...

Fair Trade Sugar     $5

Eggs                      $2-4

So we'll be over budget by even more than I thought.
+   9.00

So we're over budget by  $18.27

Guess that comes off next week's funds. (We sure won't be able to stock pile much of anything at this pace!) 

Ah well. We'll get it back on track... 

It will sure help when the freezer has meat in it! 


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  1. We went over already this week and I forgot oatmeal... which is a staple in this house. So we'll be picking that up soon enough. I commend you on this! It sure can't be easy!


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