Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Week's Groceries... and Meal Planning From the Freezer...

This week's deals match well with my coupons. And it's sad for me. Because I have to say no to wonderful deals. Goodbye to...

Royale Facial Tissue 6 pack for $3.50-$1. $2.50?! That's awesome!! 
Kashi Cereal (whose coupons expire in 2 weeks) $3.99-2 = $1.99ea
and goodbye to the idea of stocking up... 

But I can take advantage of some of the other (very timely) sale items, so I'm glad about that!

Here's our week's groceries:

Pullups (3000 bonus SDM points!)    $8.99
Catelli   3/$5 - $1 cpn on each            $0.66 ea
Air Wick Oils $10-$5 (save5wus10)   $5.00

And this is the fair trade sugar we use. It's pricey, but it's organic, and I like knowing that the farmers are paid fair wages.

This 4kg bag is $19.50 - a hefty bite out of our weekly budget, but it should last for about a month.

What's left to buy:

Shoppers Drug Mart:

Butter                               2.99
Mayonaise (store brand)   1.99
Life brand diet cola           1.99
V8 Fusion x2 (using fpcs) free
Skippy PB 2.99-.75          2.25
smuckers 2.99-1               1.99


deli meat for sandwiches  3.00
pepperoni                        2.00

eggs                                3.00

Total: $53.25

Dreaming of stockpiling... 

Mind if I take a moment to daydream? No? K, thanks. 
If I had extra money for stockpiling, I would buy..

Pepperoni $2.00x10 
Skippy (if it's the deal I think it is...) $2.99x5
Mayo (if it's not the tiny jar...)   $1.99x5
Royale Tissue (I'd need more coupons...) $2.50x5
Pullups 8.99x4 (hopefully on the next points redemption event...)
Smuckers 1.99x5
Airwick Solid Air Fresheners 10x.90 is still a decent deal. (reg 1.79)

Aaaah... even thinking about it makes me feel happy :) Thanks for humoring me.
As for Meal Planning from the freezer... 

The only thing on this trip I plan to use for meals is the pepperoni (for pizza! Mmmm), so I'm working with what we already have. Great time to empty my freezer! (The fridge freezer somehow fills fast with stuff...) I'll show you what I mean once my meal plan is together...

And, finally, a few little blunders for a chuckle... 

*Today I walked into Extra Foods and saw two carts heaped high with 50% off dog and cat food. I quickly flipped through my coupons and found one! Hooray! I'd get a $25 bag of dog food for $9! Woo! I hand the coupon to the cashier, trying to hide my excitement. She informs me it is expired.
"Oh. Shoot." I say, tucking it in my pocket, "I guess I'll have to settle for 50%..." She smirks.

* Also this morning... and again excited... I rushed to the store early to make sure I get some of those Air Wick solid air fresheners on sale for 0.90each. I had a coupon to 'Save $5 when you spend $10' - I'd get them for 0.45 each!! The kids counted them into the basket and, as we walked toward the till, I decided to double check the coupon. It didn't apply to these ones at all! Oops.
I ended up buying what it DID apply to (see the airwick fresheners above)... not .45ea, but still not a bad deal... 

*And finally, a month ago I'd lost my coupons - remember? I finally found them, right here on my desk, expired and unused. Try not to cry.  ... I will too ;)


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