Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Week of Splurging. Oooh, the Splurging...

Do you ever cry into your pillow at night about lost coupons? Or clench fists, and weep loud and long over the deals you missed?
... no?  Oh. 

 ...yeah... me either. *ahem*

But, I did decide (as I drooled over the many coupons that matched flyers...) that I would celebrate our 2 months of sticking with the challenge, by BUYING STUFF!!!! Woo!! 

I'm considering finding a shop-a-holics group to join.  (but it would probably just interfere with shopping time so...)

Back on point. 

Here's all the 'YES' I said to myself last week.

Sorry it's so fuzzy. ... must have been tired from all the shopping ;)
Uh-oh... I bought chips. Bad idea. 
They're already eaten. 
All of them :( 
...I told you I lost weight, right? ... yeah. Better for me NOT to have snacks in the house... 


D'Italianno Bread 50% off           $.99 ea

Miss Vikky's $3 ea, b2g1 free     $6 for all
Olivieri Raviolli 50% off - $1cpn $1.40
NN Popping corn                       $1.67
Alcan Foil                                      .99
Cheerios  3.67 - $1                     $2.67
Milk                                       $4.59ea
Yogurt **2/$4- 1+.75cpn &discount of 
           $1 by mgr = BOTH FOR $0.25!
Syrup                                        $2.25
Salami                                       $2.00
Carnation Evap. 1.76 - $1              .76
Carnation Evap. 1.62 - $1              .62
Skippy         2.99-.75cpn            $2.24
NN tuna                                         .80
V8   (fpcs) BUT I see they charged me for a third one I never got. And, for some reason charged me 50%. So, I got these 2 for $1.62 
Boo for paying when I have fpcs! :( 
I MUST have been tired! 

Total: 21.25

And THIS ridiculous photo I can't get straight no matter how many times I edit and save and reload. 
Sorry! Please bear with me... 
This I purchased two days later. Yes I did. 

Snap Peas (not in photo)2.28-1      1.28
Tuna                                               .39ea!! 

Wheat Thins 1.88- .50 ea              $1.28ea
Bag oranges                                  $3.49
Tostitos                                        $2.49
Tostios Salsa ($2 off wub chips)      .49
Ketchup                                           .79ea!!
Clubhouse LaGrille .79ea-2cpn      FREE
NN Parmesan cheese                     $5.77
PC cola                                            .97
Grapes     $1.88/lb                           3.12
NN Pepperoni                                $2.00
Armstrong Cheese   10.99-$2 cpn   $8.99
(wish I'd held out for the upcoming sale...) 
Country Harvest Bread 50%           $1.50ea
Bulk Raisins                                   $1.91
Dentyne Gum                                 $1.87ea
Bacon                                            $2.99
Total:   69.08      

$ 90.33          

When I showed hubby all the finds, and explained that I was celebrating, he laughed.
"You celebrate after 6 months, not two" he chuckled at me. 

I suppose he has a point... 

But I'm not sorry.

Well... maybe a little... 

No. No I'm not. 

...even though I know I have a whole other week to confess about. 
Oooh, the splurging...  

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