Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week 2 of Splurging, and How I Got Nearly 80,000 Shoppers Points in a Week!

Oh dear... the splurging continues?!

I overspent a little this week, to take full advantage of the Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points Event.
Call me a sucker... But I did the whole week's shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart.

This morning's shopping trip yielded these groceries and 29,050 Shoppers Optimum Points!

8pk papertowels                 $1.99 ea
Snack Pack Pudding           $2.99 
HL Fish Sticks  4.99-$1      $3.99ea
PullUps (3000pt bonus)      $15.99
Mazola Oil 3.99-.75cpn      $3.24 ea
Milk                                   $4.49ea
Kraft PB                            $4.49
Breyers Ice Cream             $3.99
Juice Boxes 2.99-.50          $2.49
Butter (overpriced)             $3.79
Armstrong Cheese             $3.49ea
Coffee Filters                     $1.99
Mascara $6.49-$1cpn         $5.49
CoverGirl pwd $7.47-$1     $6.47

TOTAL: $89.84

What About The Crazy Good Points?

Pullups printable   bonus points                                 3000
Automatic Points when you shop                               8500
Bought a Gift Card to shop with                                  750
Bonus Points Event                                                16,800
TOTAL:                                            29,050

THEN... I also signed up for a Royal Bank Shoppers Optimum Account. When you do that, you receive 50,000 points. -and extra 8000 when you apply online, so I guess I got 58000 points then! The downside is that there is a monthly fee of 10.95. The upside is that, if you decide to use it, points are earned twice as fast when you use that debit card. For details, check it out HERE

I'm loving this Shoppers Optimum program! I sure hope I can gain enough points for a free shopping spree during a bonus points event! Mrs. January has a great (and FREE) downloadable Guide about the program - it's helped me alot!! Get it here.

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