Saturday, September 1, 2012

Week 9: Celebrating the Score and Begging for Food...

Allow me to first celebrate the stretching of a dollar. This photo doesn't show the whole $50 for the week, it's just what we bought tonight.

Fave deal here:

Ziploc bags. $2 ea wub 2
I had a coupon for $1 off wub2, making each pkg $1.50. 
Each package had a $3 coupon inside for bread. (which I opened right there in the store and used immediately. All that bread was FREE!!) 
they gave me the overage on the bread. Bread = $2 ea, cpn =$3 ea, so basically 6x Ziploc bags and 6x bread for ~$4.44 incl tax!
(reg. retail = $24!!) 
Our $50
Because it's fun (for me anyway...) 

Black Beans                             $0.87
Butter                                      $2.97
Flour                                       $7.97
Robin Hood Oats $2.49-$0.50  $1.99
A&H Laundry $3.99 + bogo  $1.98ea

HL. Fishsticks $4.99-$1           $3.99
Armstrong Cheese (not pictured) 

    $3.49 - $0.75                       $2.74
2 dz eggs (not pictured)           $3.50
Peaches 50% off                     $2.02
Watermelon                            $6.98

Still to buy:

Fair Trade Sugar                    $7.00
Taco Kit  (fpc)                       FREE
Ground Beef  $6-$4                $2.00
Pullups (3000 bonus SDM pts)       $12.00

Total:   ~58.00

Begging For Food... 

Just last week I said 'bye-bye' to store bought bread. 

But this week, some members of the family were outright begging for me not to force them to eat my home-baked bread anymore.
I don't see the problem. I toast some home baked, dense-but-thinly-sliced dark rye bread. It's SO good!!

But, alas... if we're not looking forward to meal times, and even dreading them at times, surely we can do better! Store bought bread it is. (for some of us). I'll continue eating my home baked dark rye  ;)
(You can see how extra happy I was to find FREE store bread!!)

The last week or so, I've been hearing alot of,
"I don't like it" and, "Is there anything else to eat?"

"What's for dessert?" 
"Can I have a normal sandwich?"
"Why can't I have milk?" 

So in the following weeks, I'll attempt to make famine look like feast.
Not sure how...

Probably has to do with presentation, planning, and especially the way I talk about it.
I LOVE deals, and stretching a buck. To me, it's exciting and fun.
But to others it just feels like limitation.
I can change that perception alot I think, simply by changing the way I talk about it.

Instead of focusing on what we saved, (fun as it is for me) I can focus on what there is; what we have. Abundance instead of (perceived) lack.

Some clever planning would help too - creative side dishes, beautiful presentation... 

Oh - and desserts would help too. After all, what is a meal without dessert?

So we begin a week of abundance.

Not so much a change in what we have, but a shift in the way we use it
and hopefully perceive it.

I'll let you know what I end up doing and how it goes...

... do your family members resist your frugal attempts? How do you get on the same page about it?



  1. Begging...well that was me tonight at EF :) soft spot on a pepper..i asked if it would or could be marked down..yup! Damaged case of yogurt..well very damaged case of yogurt! 50% off that too!! 50% off cheese at safeway :) Great deals and i needed the pepper and cheese to go with my fpc= fajita kit and $4 bag of chicken from ss. We're set for a great meal costing a total of... $7.28! yay...but in the grand scheme of things we possibly could not survive on $50 except the chicken was a bulk bag, and the cheese won't all be used in one sitting. So a few meals off that!

  2. Sounds like your 'begging' paid off :)
    I'm definitely challenged every week, but we are surviving :)
    Now to see about thriving on $50/week... :)


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