Friday, September 7, 2012

What We'll Buy & All The Free Meat!!

Meet our meat.

This week is butchering week! (no, we're not doing it ourselves thank goodness... I'm just not there yet) ...Perhaps in time.. :)

These fellows and about 70 of their friends and relatives shall soon fill freezers. 

It looks like our plan may work;  by raising 100 chickens and selling most of them, our own chicken will not  have cost us anything out of pocket.

I love free :))

And our other plan is that this little pig and his one friend will fill our freezer, and we'll be able to sell or trade with a friend for some very very cheap meat.

Looking at this guy  does not make me think 'Mmm, tasty', but he will be... 

As for our groceries...
  after matching coupons to sales and comparing all that to what we actually need...

Here's what we come up with ( the plan and the reality...)

                                              plan         reality
Shoppers Drug Mart:
Cheese $3.49 - $0.75cpn    $2.74         $2.74
Milk x2                                 $9.10         $8.98
2x Mayonaise$2.79-$1       $1.79ea      nevermind, not the deal I though it was.
2x Yogurt 2/$4 - $1ea        $1.00ea      $0.25 for two!! (lucked out with peelies!) 
Bacon                                   $3.99         bought somewhere else

Old El Paso Taco Kit      free                free
Gr. Beef                              $2.00           $2.00
Discount Bread  (2)          $3.00     (1)   $1.50
Catelli Pasta  $1.66-$1     $0.66   (nevermind... not the deal I thought it was... )
Fleecy   $4-$1                    $3.00            $3.00
Fair Trade Coffee              $8.99             $8.99
Ham                                   $3.00            $4.58
Bacon                                  ------             $2.99

Ten Thousand Villages
Sugar (fair trade)             $4.00       not yet...

Bargain Shop
2x Majesta T.Paper.4pk 

$1.49-$1                           $0.75ea        $0.75

2 dz Eggs                           $3.00         not yet...

EXTRAS that were not on the list...

Hunts Tomato Sauce $1.47ea-$0.75wub2  = $1.09 ea
Tide $4.97 - $1                                              = $3.97

TOTAL = $53.00      $51.83 (after buying eggs and sugar)

Cool! I actually spent less with buying more than I planned! LOVE that.

PLUS... I cheated. Yes I did.
Yesterday, swept away by my new found excitement about Shoppers Optimum Points, I bought something I wouldn't have otherwise. I needed lotion, but not $13 worth!!
I paid for those points... :(
So, while I'm confessing, I'm also not adding it to the total.
In the future, I'll try to control myself... :P

Meal plan to follow! (It'll have CHICKEN this time! oOOOooo... It's been so long, will I remember how to prepare it?) :P

. .


  1. Keep on writing about your $50. weeks I enjoyed them but sometimes was worried for you family as it didn't seem like enough fruits and veggies.

  2. Good point! I looked at the photos, and there aren't many veggies in there at all. We're still eating from the garden and freezer ;)


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