Thursday, November 15, 2012

Aaaand We're Back.

So... you know how we were doing the $50/week challenge? And ... you know how it didn't have an end date? Yah... I guess 12 weeks was the end. Since then, I've been shopping without limits.

Still careful - with sales and coupons and such - but not with a strict budget. It's been fun! 

But tonight I tallied grocery receipts and find that I just really do need boundaries. 
July & Aug  - did the $50/week thing. $200ish/month. good.
September -splurged a bit... ~$280
October = $386 
November = $278 half way through the month. 

Time to reign it in again, but not to the $50/week. It's as comfortable as... last year's jeans, you know? Yeah, we can squeeze into them if we really want to, but can't wear them for very long... 

So in the interest of reality, I'll shoot for $75/week. Then we'll even be able to have fresh fruit and veggies all the time! 

I feel like I'm cheating though - I've been busy spending whatever I want, we'll have one of the piggies in our freezer in the next few weeks, ANDI have a huge free shopping spree coming up on Dec 1st (Shoppers Drug Mart points redemption!!!), so really I should be able to get by with spending nothing - I mean ZERO - without trying to hard... !

BUT. Whatever. I didn't plan it that way, and I'll try not to let that zero spending (yipes - would I actually do that? ... could I? Hmm... intriguing... ) go to my head. We'll just see how far we can stretch a buck while still eating what we like, and that's it.

A reader commented that we don't seem to have much for fruits and veggies. You're right, there are precious few veggies in those photos! We'd been eating from the garden so we hadn't been without veggies, but now that's it's November, we're buying all our fresh produce from the store except for potatoes which are keeping so far...  Thanks for pointing that out! I'll think of a way to include veggies in our photos and will also make a point to include them in the menu plan (which I intend to continue) :)

So, while the $50/week challenge is over, the aim of frugal living is not. I have alot to tell you about! 

- The new level of couponing I've discovered... (Got $45 worth of stuff for free just with regular coupons!)
- From Whence I've Come - Wasteful Choco-holic to frugal healthy(er) eater - even a few pounds lighter!
- The new stockpile (You know that's what I was doing while I spend what I wanted, right?)
- My new shopping job!! I get to spend other people's money for them, coupon, AND it helps the poor and homeless! Suuuper fun! 
- Meal Plans and new recipes... (like homemade chocolate syrup? Or how about homemade Febreeze-type fabric freshener spray?)
... and maybe if I think about it, some money saving tips or organizational ideas? We'll see. I'm told I'm organized, but I sure don't feel it...

Talk to you soon!

(... I probably shouldn't tell you that I'm heading out to the stores today, right?)


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