Saturday, November 24, 2012

My SDM Shop Nov 24th ... And a Fun Video Too

Here are our SDM Saturday-only deals this morning. 
I wanted to hold out for better deals on TP, Stayfree, but we needed them so...

H.N. Cheerios         $2.99-$1  = $1.99 (was waiting to apply to a 1.99 box, but the cpn will expire soon)
Pepsi 2Ls                                   4/$4 (too bad I traded away the coupons that would have saved more)
Turtles (Reg $12)     $6.48-$2 = 4.48  Hello Christmas Candy :))) 
4L Milk  4.59 - $3 peelies on it= $1.59. Short expiry, but we'll freeze it. Perfect for baking / making pancakes :)
Royale 12 pk     $4.99x2 - $2  = 3.99 ea 
Stayfree                 $2.88 - $2 = $0.88 each
Fleecy                   $3.88 - $1 = $2.88 

Also found some Glade aerosol sprays at Superstore for .99 ea (limit 2) so picked up two of those.

Next Saturday is the Shoppers Mega Redemption event, so I'll be planning that shop. Eeee! I can't wait. 
(Rumors are floating around though, that the redemption might not be as 'mega' as last year - that 95,000 pts may only be worth $210 this year instead of $250. Guess we'll see...) 

And in the next week or two I hope to make a trip to London Drugs to stack up loads of deals for the local Community Outreach I shop for. (more on that later...) 

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this fun video about couponing. 

Made me smile! 


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