Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shopping for a Cause (Sometimes Love Looks Like Shampoo...)

This fall I became one of the shoppers for Community Outreach - a local organization that serves the poor and homeless in our city. I was thrilled to be able to use this couponing hobby to benefit others. Plus, I get to coupon shop on someone else's dime. How could that not be fun? 

I've got to pause here to tell you how much I love this ministry. The struggle of poverty is one that's close to my heart, and I love being able to just be there for someone in that rough stuff. Having someone there for me when I needed it has changed my LIFE!  

Each Nivea was .99, the Clear Burst was 1.09, the razors 
were $2each (one coupon got left out) *tear*
(... funny... I really don't like paying for things... )
Everything else was free. (except for tax)
That's the most important thing to me - connecting with people in a way that hopefully helps or encourages. But another way I contribute is by purchasing the toiletries that are handed to patrons. It stretches their budget money - and your donation dollars - further. And, as a bonus for me, it's super fun :)

Here's what we bought yesterday -->

And many couponers shop for a cause, using their couponing abilities to benefit others. 

*Some give to fill Christmas hampers with the deals they've found. 
*Mrs. January suggests donating your finds is one of the awesom-est things about couponing. 
*Others turn their finds into gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or just because.

To all you  couponers who skim from our own family stash to give to someone in need, 
thank you.
To all  you deal hunters who toss items in the food bank bin at your local church or grocery store, 
thank you. 
To those giving to anyone
thank you.

This is what life is really all about. Not to coupon or give people things, but to think of others. And share and help each other.  Sometimes love looks like a bottle of shampoo, you know?

I love, love, LOVE seeing people give generously of their time - and it DOES cost time! - and of their deals they worked so hard to find, and of their precious stockpile they laboured to build.
I know. 

And I love seeing y'all share like you do. Stuff, tips, deals, coupons, videos, links, donations, advice, time, time and more time. It's great.  And, even though shows like Extreme Couponers can make us all look a little insane and greedy, in real life there is some excellent selflessness in it.

And that. is. awesome. 

Cheers, fellow shoppers and generous givers! 


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