Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Free Groceries with Shoppers Optimum!

It's been a few months since I started using the Shoppers Optimum Program in a serious way.

Helped in large part by my friendly neighborhood couponing group (highly recommend you join one if you're not already in one or five...), and also assisted by Mrs January's Guide, I was able to gather enough points to redeem at the mega event. It was my first time, and I. am. pumped. 

Wanna see? 

All free. My favorite price! Well, I paid tax, so it costed $17 for approx. $250 worth of product.

So many prices were inflated for the special event, but I managed to find a couple of deals. (Gotta stretch that dollar even if it is 'just points')

Raincheck for Dempsters at $1.88 x4 - $1 coupon = .88 for 4 of them. (The rest were 2/$6 -$1cpn each)
Uncle Bens $2.99-$1 = $1.99 I'd been waiting for that one. They're usually $4 and up
Goodnights were on for $17.99 for the mega pack (reg. 28.99) - $2 = $15.99. 
Crest .99-.50 = .49 each
My sweet indulgence
Cheerios $2.99-$1 = $1.99
And, the free remote control for a Christmas gift? That was a great find. It's exactly what we were planning to buy our kiddo. (but shh! don't tell him!)

The rest was full retail or, in some cases, more (Tostitos 3.99 each! What was I thinking?!) But it's okay. It was still free. I also stocked up on some other staple items that don't go on sale a whole lot... milk, cola, bacon, butter.

Full retail or no, free is free, and I was happy. I celebrated by picking up a McLatte  and savoring every carmelly drop. MmmmMMMM
And, it was on sale! Even better!

After the redemption, I headed over to Superstore, with a steamy latte in hand, to pick up some produce. This was about $19. Nothing on sale but the buns, and the oranges taste more like grapefruit... but there it is.

And then I zipped over to Canadian Tire for .59 plastic wrap and aluminum foil. That's the best price I've seen yet. Once this is added to the stash, I think we'll be set for awhile.

And that's our shop for the week.

I can't wait to show you the pantry. I wasn't sure WHERE we would put all the groceries... then hubby added some shelving. All is well with the world now. I'll show you the pics soon! 


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