Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Pantry ~ Before and After ~

I LOVE before and after photos. I also LOVE peeking at photos of other people's stockpiles. 

I also LOVE that my husband added shelves to our pantry. With the Shoppers Mega Redemption weekend coming up, I wasn't sure where we would put everything... 


 Lots of wasted space between these shelves. And those boxes are painted plywood boxes that were used to hold spools of wire. They were a free make-do deal that is no longer working.  Oh - and the rake wine glass holder while cute, has to go. I'm kind of sad about that one... 



The extra shelving makes a huge difference! Seems to double the storage space. I've got the whole SDM redemption in here, and there is still alot of room for more. Thank you darling husband! (and six year old son who helped)


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